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Erasmus Traineeship Meeting.

On the occasion of the next publication of the Erasmus Traineeship I call ("open" model), the Department of Philosophy will hold a meeting to provide information on the registration and selection methods.

The meeting will be held on March 14, 2024 4.00 pm on the Teams platform.

Link to the registration of the meeting

The Master's Degree Programme in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence holds agreements for Erasmus-exchange partnerships with other European universities through the Departments associated with the Degree. The programme keeps students up-to-date on these, encouraging them to take advantage of the opportunities these exchanges offer. The Erasmus scholarship programme is posted to the University's website, and the Degree has an Erasmus and International Mobility Tutor who can be contacted to consider the different options. The Degree is building a coherent number of options with the aim of covering all areas. The various locations also offer the opportunity for students to take exams in subjects not included in the study plan of the Degree. Candidates are selected by the Erasmus and International Mobility Tutor, who assesses the student's interests, their academic career, and their proficiency in the language of the country where they hope to study.

Admitted students will fill out the Learning Agreement with the Erasmus Tutor. Once abroad, they will correspond via email with the tutor regarding any changes.
Students submitting a Learning Agreement to the Erasmus tutor via email will receive it back e-signed. They may then have their host university countersign the document prior to their return home. Upon returning home, any exams the student has taken whilst abroad (documented in the "Transcript of Records") are converted into Italian exams based on the Learning Agreement; exam conversion and the marks for the same shall be subject to approval of the Teaching Board.
Current international agreements are available at the following link:… (Search by Philosophy Department).
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View the call for applications, deadlines and information on Erasmus+ programmes on the University portal: how to participate, Erasmus contributions, what to do before leaving, during your stay and after coming back.